DIGC 202: Why Things Matter?

Why Internet of things matter? How does it matters to us? The world will never stop to evolve and same goes to the hunger of knowledge and curiosity of many inventors that leads to the invention of Internet. In my opinion, I believes that without Internet, we still can live on with our life and there will be no problem in living. However, without it, there are many things we could do or at least he results are not that efficient, convenient and very time consuming. People today are too relying on Internet but who to blame? Internet has changes our life so much, positively and negatively, but people are still grateful of this invention because  it improves us a lot in many manners.

First of all, it not only helps us to stay close with our family and friends but it also helps us to stay connected with people from another side of the country. In addition, it decrease the time consuming and it also very convenient to the users. In addition, it also has many interactivity in our communication system such as emoticons and webcam. There are many media platform was created for communication purposes due to the consumer’s demand. For an example, during the 90’s people were using text messages and calls for communication and the only communication platform at that time. Today, with a smart phone, you can accesses to many media platform just for messages such a Line, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and many more. In addition, it also evolves from a communication purposes to more than that. For an example, Facebook, it was not only created for social networking but it also helps to stay connected with your close one. From a normal chat box to a webcam chat box and it has games in the website as well. People need social physiology in their life so it is in our human nature that we needs to communicate with people especially those you love. Internet has not only enhance our technology in communication but also the ways we communicate with people.

Many technologies are introduce into our era today and new technologies are hard to catch up these days because it change too fast. Mobile devices are no longer a device for communication only and with the mobile platform such as OS and Android, now almost every phone has the access of internet anywhere and anytime. With just a simple small devices and with the help of Internet, smart phone these days are basically our daily dose of vitamin because smart phone these days are basically all we need to complete our list -to-do. For an example, mobile platform allows the applications like  Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook to be installed in the smartphone and this can already fulfill our needs in updating news, friend’s status and their locations even without asking. Besides that, we can now use mobile as our entertainment purposes for MP3, video streaming and games. Then, if we were required to complete any task or replying emails, we can also do it in our smartphones. Now, with all these conveniences provided by the technologies and internet, there are sure at least a thing in our life that we will rely on these technologies. Therefore, Internet of things do matter to us but is this a blessing or curse?


DIGC 202: Apple vs Android

Are you an Apple user or Android user? Both of these are the current market leading mobile platform but both have different aims and purpose for their product. Apple serves as a restricted and protected mobile platform whereby Android is a free, open source mobile platform that any coder could write for and any handset maker could install (Roth 2008). Both mobile platforms have different objectives and vision fr their product but which one is the better product ? If Android is a free and open source mobile platform then why they are still people supporting and buying Apple products? Both of these mobile platforms have their individual advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, there no better product in this case because both are design for different purposes.

As mentioned earlier, Android was a mobile platform where it is free and it allows open sources for any coder and when it said any coder, it literally means any coder. For Android users, most of their applications are free to use and users can create their own application by using the mobile platform. In my opinion, I believe that this idea was great because Android allows the user to have full access or ownership of their own applications. Besides that, they could also modify the applications. As a results, both of these mobile platforms were launched in 2008 but now Android is catching up with Apple where they rapidly increasing their application in 2012 itself for over 675,000 compared to Apple where is still currently leading in 700,000 (Reisinger 2012). Below is the chart showing the number of increasing Android’s application.

However, I still believes that having an open source mobile platform to any coder is still not an ideal choice for Android. With an open source of mobile platform, Android will lost the control of the content and this can creates overflow information. Besides that, users will no longer know who is the owner of the apps and safety will be a concern to the users. In addition, because the OS is freely available to anyone and any Android phones with a variety of screen sizes and processor speeds, this may cause the game designers in particular kinda anxious when setting a new top-bar standard. However, Apple’s mobile platform was designed for a closed and restricted platform where only Apple has the authorization to access or modify the applications. The advantages of having a closed platform is that Apple will have the full access of the applications and it makes money from their applications. Besides that, the applications will be more safer to use and trustworthy compared to Android. In addition, applications from Apple will be more stable compared to Android because it was constantly update and it was develop by expertise.

However at the end of the day, there’s no better product in this case as I mentioned earlier because both mobile platform were designed with different visions, objectives, aims, and purposes. As we can see today, there are still many users loyal to Androids and Apple. Therefore, is really up to the users because at the end of the day both mobile platforms have their own strong believes that keeps them the two leading mobile platform of all time.

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DIGC 202: Facebook and Twitter are just places revolutionaries go

The main purpose of the invention of Facebook and Twitter was simple as socializing and networking at first but as time goes, these two media platforms can do something far away from our imagination. These media platform were originally created for entertainment or socializing purposes but users these days have discover the new usage of these media such as organizing a protest. Many revolutionaries have used these two media platform as their media to spread the news, gathering purposes and organizing a protest.

Regarding to the incident happens in the Middle East, Cyber Utopians believed that the reason behind the protest in Arab Spring was  driven by social networks. According to Morozov (2011), he mentioned that there were many more events like this happened not just in Cairo, but also in Beirut and Dubai. He added that the idea that the recent protests ( referring to Tahrir Square protest) were organised by random people doing random things online. From this case, I believes that these media platform can be very influential to the people and it an bring a big impact in changing a human’s behavior or believes. Besides that, Morozov also stated that internet equals to democracy. I could not be more agree with him after the incident of Bersih 3.0 was conducted in my very own country.

Bersih 3.0 was one of the biggest protest ever conducted in Malaysia. Supporters are shifting their media coverage for their information from word of mouth to these two big media platform, Facebook and Twitter.

As you can see from the image Bersih 3.0 twitter account has 3000 over followers and Facebook has 45 068 subscribers that were keeping track on their updates and news. People know media platform such a Facebook and Twitter can reached out to a mass audiences compared to many other media therefore revolutionaries knew that with the help of these two platforms, they can easily access or reach out to all the supporters or for the recruitment. However, it can also cause a big problem with some small matters. I believes that these two media platform can do much more and I believe is harmless to come out something like that. In my opinion, I believes that Facebook and Twitter can become a big help to any protest but I do not agrees that these social networking site should took the blame for causing a protest. After all, these events have been long existed even before these social networking sites were invented therefore I do believe that revolutionaries access to these media platform for their own usage but these media platforms have never encourage these protests to happen.

Morozov, E 2011, Facebook and Twitter are just places revolutionaries go, accessed 28/10/2012, http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/mar/07/facebook-twitter-revolutionaries-cyber-utopians

DIGC 202: Wikileaks

Wikileaks has became a crucial topic when it was released in the year of 2010. It has not only been a concern to the public in many manners but it has also become a threat to the United States government. In my opinion, I believe that we as a citizen should have the rights to know what’s going on with our country. However, I also agrees that these type of information should have kept it with boundaries among the country itself. Such information that certified as top secret should not have shown it in the net and yes, public should have to right to know what happening around their country but it should spread around the world. The consequences of Wikileaks might cause the discomfort or failure of the nation’s security. As a result, this might cause terrorism and information might spread to them.

Below here is a video about the Wikileaks Documentary whereby you can have a further understanding on the subject.

Many of the information in Wikileaks have caused a havoc internally among the citizens and the government. According to Benkler (2011), the first video was taken by a U.S. attack helicopter, showing what sounded like a trigger-happy crew killing civilians alongside their intended targets. This issue has become critical among the citizens because they might lost their trust and feeling disturbing with the image. So, is Wikileaks helping the citizen to reveal the truth or jeopardizing the government by losing the public’s trust? Besides that, another concern is that will Wikileaks increase the numbers of terrorism? In my opinion, I believes that some secrets are meant to be keep because truth does not always be the solution. For an example, if you were given a task to complete something where you were have no confident in it, will you tell the truth to them ? I would choose no. We must always try our best on doing something and of cause we will make mistakes but we can admit the mistakes but I’m sure there are some process that you wouldn’t want to let others know. I understand that the US Government are trying to keep their citizens safe but I’m sure hiding the truth are not the best solution because t could causes backfire but I’m sure some are not meant to be told for the best and especially not on the internet.  With such a top secret information leaking out and spreading to the whole world, as a US citizens you might be furious with the truth but will you feel safe to let others know such a classified information?

Benkler, Y 2011, A free irresponsible press: Wikileaks and the battle over the soul of the networked fourth estate, accessed 19/10/2012, http://www.benkler.org/Benkler_Wikileaks_current.pdf

Seattle4truth 2012, The Wikileaks Documentary- Full Version, accessed 19/10/2012, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvmfOaZ34Pk

DIGC 202: How Twitter will Change the way We Live

It is really amazing how technologies have changed the way we live and a very good example will be Twitter. Twitter is a media platform where users can update their status in only 140 characters. When Twitter first came up, many people thought it was silly however, Twitter today has became one of the important media platform around the world.

Twitter has created an opportunity to follow u with your friends on their daily basis and thoughts. According to Johnson (2009), he mentioned that Twitter allows the users to update their followers on how they are doing even without asking. However, I think one of the most attraction for Twitter is to follow up their idol. Many celebrities own a twitter account to interact with the their fans and many followers feels like they are close with them. For an example, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were rated as one of the top 10 Celebrity Twitter Feeds from Time, where by their fans are intimated by their response. Most of the fans believe they can access some of the Celebrity Gossips first hand from Twitter. So, how does this change the way we live? People want to stay interact with people they were close with. They want to keep track on other people’s life without asking how is he or she doing. For an example, if a friend posted that he or she got robbed, their followers will be updated and then they will ask how is she. Same goes to celebrities like Oprah. According to Johnson (2009), he mentioned that one case happened to Oprah where she tweeted a question about getting ticks off her dog and her fans actually replied her. He believes that from the fan’s perspective, it feels refreshingly intimate: “As I was explaining to Oprah last night, when she asked about dog ticks …”

Many of us has been relying on Twitter for first hand information. It spread so fast and people can share anything included musics or news feed with a link. For an example, if an accident happened in 5 minutes ago, it would took a day for a reporter to write the news and post it up the next day or end of the day. However, Twitter can spread the news right after the accident and it will become a trending topic. Besides that, most of the people prefer some simple information that sum up the whole story unlike some lengthy articles.  In addition, twitter has not only helps on businesses but also education. For an example, we were asked to use Twitter as a media platform to update the followers about the topic censorship. We were required to sum up a story or any updates on the topic of censorship to the followers and if any of them were interested, they would click on the link and read more.

In conclusion, Twitter has become a platform where we can stay interact with the people we love and also a platform of sharing. Besides that, we could also create our own topic or event by using “Hashtag” and words will be spreading among the others.

Johnson, S 2009, “How twitter will change the way we live”, Time Magazine, 5 June, p1-4, accessed 6/10/012, http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1902818-1,00.html

DIGC 202: Weblog

In the year 2012, most of us do own a blog or even frequently accessing to weblogs for information. Reading or having a blog is no longer something fresh in our society today because most of users today use blog for many purposes. For an example, entertainment purposes and information purposes. However, why does weblog today has nearly overcome our mainstream media such as printed newspaper?

Today, many of us prefer  access to weblogs for news update or any information. As a result, the usage of newspaper is drifting away from the consumers. According to Shirky (2002), weblogs are a platform for the unlimited reproduction and distribution of the written word, for a low and fixed cost but most importantly weblogs allow the user to have the permission to write out loud. In addition, he also mentioned that print publishing acts as filter but weblogs do not. I’m agree with Shirky because I believes that the most important advantage from weblogs is they do not have any filter or few gatekeepers to control the content. Besides that, there are many free lance journalist having their own blog and constant updating their blogs for the follow ups. With too much flow of the information and journalist in this world, the demand of information will become less and therefore people are expectation these publications should be free.

Everyone knew they can access the same information of a print media from a weblog, and the addition of more information of details about the topic due to the censorship or the filter that has been done by the publishers. As a result, people will prefer to read something raw or the “truth” where weblogs can be provided. However, the only concern is that government has no control over the content that written in a blog because there are too many of them. The downside of this freedom of writing can also causes havoc because there might not be anyone to approve the statement which is true or false. People can write anything on the net but how sure are we that everything is true? Print publishing might go through a lot of filters but they are responsible for the consequences but if a journalist write something untrue on the net, will he bare with consequences? This issues has been a concern to the government but of course this is a very debatable topic.  Often we heard people talking abut freedom of speech and freedom of writing on the net and according to Dr  Mahathir once mention that we have the rights to write anything on the net but will this come with a consequences?

People might have the permission to write it out loud but how many of them can bare with the consequences? If we were to browse back the past cases that happened on Raja Petra and Nathaniel Tan, both of these bloggers mentioned some political issues in their blog and they were sent for ISA Detention. But why does it concern the government so much? The only reason why these two bloggers were targeted because the government understands how influential are them and their number of readers are abundance. Many people understand the shifting of printing newspaper to weblogs, therefore there are newspaper starting their online newspapers and ever politician uses weblog as their communication devices to reach out an mass audience because it is a cheap and efficient when comes to reproduction.

Shirky, C 2002, Weblogs and the Mass Amateurization of Publishing, Economics & Culture, Media & Community, Open Source, accessed 27/9/2012, http://shirky.com/writings/weblogs_publishing.html

DIGC 202: Media Convergence

According to Jenkins (2004), Media convergence is a technology shift which means it is a process of changing the structure of a media usage or presentation. Media convergence does not mean to replace the old technologies but to remains it but changing the relationship between the existing technologies, industries, markets, genres and audiences. According to Jenkins (2004), he strongly believes that it is important for us to be more focused on creative industries. In my opinion, I think there’s always advantages and disadvantages for everything.

“A teenager doing homework may juggle four or five windows, scanning the web, listening to and downloading MP3 files, chatting with friends, word processing a paper and responding to email, shifting rapidly between tasks.” (Jenkins 2004). Technologies these days evolves dramatically over the years and it is no longer serves as only one purpose anymore. For an example, mobile phones today are no longer serve as a mouth to mouth communication through devices anymore. With the combination of the old and new technologies, mobile phones today were also known as the smartphones, has no longer used for only communication purposes but also entertainment purposes. In my opinion, I believes that mobile phones today has basically invented to the extend where people can do anything or rely on their smart phones for anything. For an example, teenagers these days have no longer uses watch as a time watch devices anymore because mostly of the teenagers uses their smartphones to check the time even when they’re having a watch themselves. Besides that, users have no longer needed a proper laptop or desktop to do any assignments or work anymore because smart phones have designed the way where users can complete their work in their phone just like with their laptops. The question is, what made these changes? In my opinion, I thinks that a user demands are the on who affect the evolution of the media convergence.

Another factor which I think it had brought an impact to not only the users but also invovles the profesional idustry. With the media convergence today, expertise in creative industry such as film making and music industry has low demanding due to the convergence. Any people in the world could have the knowledge and technology to produce a fine work as good as these expertise. Therefore, the good side of this is that people gain the knowledge of producing something creative and it has no longer needed expensive tools or proper studio to make something. Besides that, this could help to expend the creativity among the user’s imagination. However, the down side of this structure could harm the expertise industry whereby people could not differentiate whats professional and what’s amateur. In addition, with the help of convergence of media, the world of creativity has become very competitive because anyone could have gain the knowledge to come out with something new. A very good example of this situation is the cover sang on youtube. Many singers today have started their singing career from a media platform called Youtube. For an example, there are people singing the cover of the original song but there are some writting, and producing their own song and posted on Facebook. Besides that, there are people modified the original songs into something new. Therefore with these technologies, more talented people are spotted and few of the international icons are from Youtube such as Justin Bieber, David Choi, Wanting Qu and many more. This video below are one of the example of a You tubers named Sam Tsui where he started his singing career from youtube by singing cover for some original songs but modified version with the help of another youtubers called Kurt Hugo Schneider.

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KurtHugoSchneider 2012, “One More Night”- Maroon 5 (ft. Sam Tsui), accessed 17/9/2012, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmvHr9ULFbk