Intellectual Property

What is Intellectual property? In what terms a information considered as violating the rules of intellectual property?

Why copyright has become an serious issue these days? Back in the days, information always comes in an original form, which is physical form. However, information these days are easily transferable because it was formed in a digital form. Information flowing over neutral networks and no people has the control of it.

The world we are living today are known as the knowledge world. People are hungry for more information and they wants to have so much information with them but they did not have the time to access to it. Thus, even tho people want it more but they don’t want to pay for it because information these days are easily rip off. Therefore intellectual property and content control has been a concern to most of the business people in the world today. Even though action was taken seriously for this issue, however users still has not shown the concern about the penalty for the action.


I would like to leave you with the impression that if you make a single illegal 
copy of our software, you will spend the next five years in court, the following 
ten in prison, and forever after your soul will suffer eternal damnation.

V. Rosenburgh, “Copyright and the New Technology


As we can see from our new media like youtube, often people making a parody or fan made videos from the copyright video or music. One of the most recent videos are the Gangnam Style Video and also the music called Call Me Maybe.

This video was made by a audit firm in Singapore called PWC. The purpose of making the video was to recruit new employees. Compared to the original music “Called me maybe”, the lyrics was changed and re-edit for their intended message. Was this considered as violating the laws of Intellectual Property? If it is, why there’s no action taken? One of the most recent parody made was called “Oppa Gangnam Style”. Many countries have did a parody of this music video and some of them actually went viral on Youtube. Once again, why there’s no action taken?

According to the sources from creative commons. There are few different types of law and licences for copyright owners. The picture below will show you the different logos that stands for different types of copyright licences.



These are the following copyright license:

1. Attribution

2. Attribution share alike

3. Attribution no derivatives

4. Attribution non commercials

5. Attribution non commercials share alike

6. Attribution non commercials no derivatives

7. No right reserved

To understand more about these licences you can log  to for more information.

These licenses can main created for the purpose of protection the original idea of the owner and also  to reward a owner’s creativity and invention of something.


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5 responses to “Intellectual Property”

  1. meinyee says :

    Yes, the words of “information these days are easily transferable” is the best examples as nowadays we can easily get any information that we would like to know from internet. Furthermore, we should show respect to creators by quote them properly. Given the examples like you are the one who come out the idea of “Oppa Gangnam Style” and many of them parody the same music video, how do you feel? Sad? Mad? Happy?

  2. ramconvergmedia says :

    Today many people do not seem to be concern about the originality of work. As we live in a world today where it is easy to access and create information and distribute it freely across boundaries and without restriction, the idea of copyright is somewhat being countered. I personally think that the ideas of copyrights for intellectual property and content are being discarded from the thoughts of people by people’s natural ability to create their own materials out of others by carefully changing specific and noticeable facts and taking in small and almost unnoticeable facts and material to make new creative content. However copyright laws are still around to balance the taking and use of information – Comment by Ram Peow Loong Naidu.

  3. ChristyL says :

    It’s true that information flows over neutral networks; however, there still exists some form of control over intellectual property. Over the years, tons of videos on YouTube have been removed due to issues with copyright infringement and law enforcers have been trying to eliminate file sharing websites such as Mega Video and Pirate Bay that distribute intellectual property without permission. Nevertheless, with the vast amount of information that is contained throughout the internet, it is undeniably difficult to assume control over everything. In order for copyright laws to take effect, it would take the cooperation of everyone in boycotting and reporting individuals and groups breaking these laws.

  4. on9censorship says :

    People are hunger for more information and they wants to have so much information with them but they did not have the time to access to it. This is always happens in our daily life. This could relates to how easy we can get the information through the net. Moreover, the restriction from the authorities are not strong enough to stop the piracy activities. For example, we can easily access to applications that allow direct transmission of YouTube videos to any other formats. Therefore, these has resulted people are taking intellectual properties for granted.

  5. renesha90 says :

    Totally agree with the information written by you. Everyone had the rights to express their ideas in their own way. But with the copyrighted is applied on the product, it eventually kills the creativity and made the restriction to the productivity, don’t you think so? In my point of view, I think that “fair use” can applies in the work or the product which everyone are able to share or use the information of the work but in a limited area. This is because nowadays every information that you want actually you can just Google it and all the information are listed.

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