DIGC 202: Apple vs Android

Are you an Apple user or Android user? Both of these are the current market leading mobile platform but both have different aims and purpose for their product. Apple serves as a restricted and protected mobile platform whereby Android is a free, open source mobile platform that any coder could write for and any handset maker could install (Roth 2008). Both mobile platforms have different objectives and vision fr their product but which one is the better product ? If Android is a free and open source mobile platform then why they are still people supporting and buying Apple products? Both of these mobile platforms have their individual advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, there no better product in this case because both are design for different purposes.

As mentioned earlier, Android was a mobile platform where it is free and it allows open sources for any coder and when it said any coder, it literally means any coder. For Android users, most of their applications are free to use and users can create their own application by using the mobile platform. In my opinion, I believe that this idea was great because Android allows the user to have full access or ownership of their own applications. Besides that, they could also modify the applications. As a results, both of these mobile platforms were launched in 2008 but now Android is catching up with Apple where they rapidly increasing their application in 2012 itself for over 675,000 compared to Apple where is still currently leading in 700,000 (Reisinger 2012). Below is the chart showing the number of increasing Android’s application.

However, I still believes that having an open source mobile platform to any coder is still not an ideal choice for Android. With an open source of mobile platform, Android will lost the control of the content and this can creates overflow information. Besides that, users will no longer know who is the owner of the apps and safety will be a concern to the users. In addition, because the OS is freely available to anyone and any Android phones with a variety of screen sizes and processor speeds, this may cause the game designers in particular kinda anxious when setting a new top-bar standard. However, Apple’s mobile platform was designed for a closed and restricted platform where only Apple has the authorization to access or modify the applications. The advantages of having a closed platform is that Apple will have the full access of the applications and it makes money from their applications. Besides that, the applications will be more safer to use and trustworthy compared to Android. In addition, applications from Apple will be more stable compared to Android because it was constantly update and it was develop by expertise.

However at the end of the day, there’s no better product in this case as I mentioned earlier because both mobile platform were designed with different visions, objectives, aims, and purposes. As we can see today, there are still many users loyal to Androids and Apple. Therefore, is really up to the users because at the end of the day both mobile platforms have their own strong believes that keeps them the two leading mobile platform of all time.

Roth 2008, Google’s Open Source Android OS will Free the Wireless Web, accessed 3/11/2012, http://www.wired.com/techbiz/media/magazine/16-07/ff_android?currentPage=all&fb_source=message


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I'm a student from University of Wollongong and I'm currently major in Marketing Communication and Advertising.

2 responses to “DIGC 202: Apple vs Android”

  1. jeswena says :

    It is true what you said about Apple’s iOS being safer because it is secured. However, what the people prefer is always something free, so things can be easily accessible. With less hassle, things are more fun to use, and with Android things are so simple because almost everything is unsecured. Of course ultimately Apple has security hands down, but there is so much more than can be donw easily now with Android. Plus, it seems to be more practical tha Apple’s iOS.

  2. aryssafahmy says :

    I like the fact on you not stating which brand is better than the other. You are considered mutual. Based on what I see, people like what they like. Some people like things that free and like Jeswena stated above, less hassle. I feel the exact way which is why I am an Android user. It allows me to save money and not spend on application that I might get bored of using one day. Again, people like what they like.

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