DIGC 202: Why Things Matter?

Why Internet of things matter? How does it matters to us? The world will never stop to evolve and same goes to the hunger of knowledge and curiosity of many inventors that leads to the invention of Internet. In my opinion, I believes that without Internet, we still can live on with our life and there will be no problem in living. However, without it, there are many things we could do or at least he results are not that efficient, convenient and very time consuming. People today are too relying on Internet but who to blame? Internet has changes our life so much, positively and negatively, but people are still grateful of this invention because  it improves us a lot in many manners.

First of all, it not only helps us to stay close with our family and friends but it also helps us to stay connected with people from another side of the country. In addition, it decrease the time consuming and it also very convenient to the users. In addition, it also has many interactivity in our communication system such as emoticons and webcam. There are many media platform was created for communication purposes due to the consumer’s demand. For an example, during the 90’s people were using text messages and calls for communication and the only communication platform at that time. Today, with a smart phone, you can accesses to many media platform just for messages such a Line, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and many more. In addition, it also evolves from a communication purposes to more than that. For an example, Facebook, it was not only created for social networking but it also helps to stay connected with your close one. From a normal chat box to a webcam chat box and it has games in the website as well. People need social physiology in their life so it is in our human nature that we needs to communicate with people especially those you love. Internet has not only enhance our technology in communication but also the ways we communicate with people.

Many technologies are introduce into our era today and new technologies are hard to catch up these days because it change too fast. Mobile devices are no longer a device for communication only and with the mobile platform such as OS and Android, now almost every phone has the access of internet anywhere and anytime. With just a simple small devices and with the help of Internet, smart phone these days are basically our daily dose of vitamin because smart phone these days are basically all we need to complete our list -to-do. For an example, mobile platform allows the applications like  Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook to be installed in the smartphone and this can already fulfill our needs in updating news, friend’s status and their locations even without asking. Besides that, we can now use mobile as our entertainment purposes for MP3, video streaming and games. Then, if we were required to complete any task or replying emails, we can also do it in our smartphones. Now, with all these conveniences provided by the technologies and internet, there are sure at least a thing in our life that we will rely on these technologies. Therefore, Internet of things do matter to us but is this a blessing or curse?


About lucasleehn

I'm a student from University of Wollongong and I'm currently major in Marketing Communication and Advertising.

4 responses to “DIGC 202: Why Things Matter?”

  1. kaytesk says :

    It is true that internet improved our lifestyle in much different aspect. For me, the major influence will be my leisure time. I spent most of my free time on internet. Chatting with friends, browsing through all the social network, watch online drama and so on. Basically internet had becoming the biggest part of my life perhaps? I just can’t live without internet even for a day. It is really hard for me. Besides, my boyfriend is currently studying overseas now. I can’t imagine if there’s no internet and how are we going to keep in touch all the time. Making an international call cost a lot, with the advantage of internet, i could contact him anytime i want. I can’t imagine how our life be without the internet. How are we going to do assignment without the helpful Google? How could we keep in touch all the time with people who are far from us? There are so many things that internet influence our daily life.

  2. aryssafahmy says :

    The world has indeed evolve and it would never stop for the hunger of knowledge that some people have to make a better and maybe new technology is there. We are living in a very modern era. There was never a boundary when one hungers for knowledge and improvement. Other than that, I like the fact that you state on how this can make us get closer to our friends and family. Cliche but true. We don’t have to go through the hard ways to communicate with someone abroad like it was back then. Now we can just email or even better, Skype. The beauty of modern technology and of course Internet.

  3. ramconvergmedia says :

    I agree, with what you, people today are relying on Internet too much, but there really isn’t anyone to blame. The Internet has changes our life so much, both positively and negatively. People are still grateful for the Internet because it has improves our lives a lot in many ways. We can tap into whatever kind of information we want on the Internet and we can now communicate better, faster and across longer distances compared to the past – commented by Ram Peow Loong Naidu

  4. marvintkz says :

    This generation we are so reliable to internet, because it bring to us lot of knowledge and done a lot of research, it fun and convenient. I’m very curious how the technology will be like how? I’m exciting and craving about that new things appear in the future.

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